Sunday, January 27, 2008

Headquarters Site

Just wanted to say first of all that I really like all the news updates headquarters has been making. And secondly, if you have see them yet, get on over there to read all about it!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Catching up!

Ok, so things have been pretty busy around here lately. The most recent thing was our district fellowship. Our district, those that could make it, got together and had dinner at the church here in Amity. Afterwards we had a good service. We only had 21 people, but considering the distances people had to drive, and the fact that it was a very cold(only in the teens and single digits) nasty day, that was pretty good. It was wonderful to see everyone that came. We had a pretty good service, with a wonderful spirit, good singing, and I will leave anything about the preaching out, since I was the one given that task. I would say that everyone enjoyed this good time of fellowship. Just please pray for those members we have in our region that are spread out and not close to any church.
Anna has been growing like crazy. Just keeps getting bigger and eating more. Work has been pretty busy. Normally, in winter things slow down, but not for us. The only real thing to slow us down at this point is a lot of really cold days in a row that would make the ground freeze down deep.
Well, got a lot of things that need done, so cya.

Fight faithfully, the good fight of faith.

Saturday, January 12, 2008


We have discovered that we have a little Houdini running around. This morning Anna started out the morning by attempting to climb up one of our safety gates. She decided that the little holes in it would make excellent places for her feet to go in to climb up. Thankfully, I caught her before she got very high. Then later, she climbed out of her high chair and ended up in the floor. Non the worse for the wear, thankfully. She got out of the restraint belts and around the thing that goes on the top for her food! Yesterday she pushed the big pillows out of the way that we have blocking her in the front two rooms. And did I mention that she will take off like crazy up the stairs. We did have a gate at the bottom, but it was pushing out on our banister. We are going to have to figure out something else.
The good news is she has figured out how to safely get out of her bed. Kelley has been getting her to turn to the side and back down each morning and within about 3 days she figured it out. Now she does it on her own. Whether off the bed, the little exercise trampoline at mom and grandpa's, or the little 2-3 step down from the dining area to the family room at mom and grandpa's. Now if we can just teach her to make it down the stairs safely, we will be closer to being ok. The child is simply all over the place!
In other news, we will be having a district fellowship here in Amity next Sat., the 19th for the IN/OH district. If you are in our district, just go to our website at for more information about it. We will be having dinner with a service following. If you are coming, please try to let me know through email( or phone(317-403-4236) so we can plan for the meal. If you don't reach me, come any way. It would be great to see you.
Please pray for the Evansville mission. I was unable to go today, because I needed to take a CDL class for work. Pray that the people there would be encouraged and uplifted.

Continue to press toward the mark.