Friday, November 06, 2009

His blessings are greater

I find that often, as God pours out His blessings, Satan strives to fight back, to steal our peace, to kill our joy, and destroy the advances that have been made. Yet, as hard as he(Satan) fights back, our God is greater. If we will trust in Him, he will continue to do the same as He always has, bring us through. I thank Him for the blessings that He continues to pour out upon us.

Sickness .....

This week has been a week of sickness around the Peters household. Kelley started feeling under the weather Mon. night. I then stayed home Tues. to watch the kids as she didn't really get out of bed very much. I started coughing quite a bit on Tues. as well. Then when Wed. morning rolled around both Anna and I were running fevers. Anna's finally broke sometime Thurs. and mine is on the verge of going away, just very very low grade right now. Kelley was doing much better Wed. thankfully, because I sure couldn't be taking care of Lydia as sick as I was. Lydia eventually started running a low fever, but it disappeared sometime in the middle of last night. We are all feeling better and thankful to the Lord that it wasn't any worse. He has helped us through it all. Now time to get back to being busy for the Lord.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009


The Church of God
Franklin, IN
Dec. 10-13th
Evangelist - Larry Walters, Sr.
7:00 pm on the 10-12th
6:00 pm on the 13th

If you are in the area, stop by and be in service with us.
If not, please keep us in prayer. We are looking to see a mighty move of God. He has been blessing us in many ways here and we are believing that the revival is just going be a continuation and an expansion on what He has been doing.

May God stir revival in all of our hearts!

Sheperds for sale!

"The church in a sense has lost its mission to go out and love the people," said Steven Mayo, pastor of Elm Street Congregational Church in Fitchburg, Mass. "We've become useless in a society that desperately needs us."

How to become useful again, however, is a matter on which there is no consensus. Cornelius Plantinga, president of Calvin Theological Seminary in Michigan, urged pastors to talk less about fulfilling personal potential and offer more from the likes of Old Testament prophet Joel, who warns God's people to wail and repent before the Lord scorches the earth.

But church leaders responded to Plantinga's prescription with a reality check.

"For pastors, it's very easy to lose a job by taking your advice," said Rachel Stahle, pastor of First Presbyterian Church, a Presbyterian Church (USA) congregation in Carteret, N.J., after Plantinga's 45-minute lecture. "It's even harder to find another one by taking your advice. So what wisdom do you share with us to take what you've said back to the churches?"

Easy to lose a job by obeying the Lord? Please help no one in The Church of God ever take this approach. We are to preach the Word, regardless if the world likes it or not. We are called to preach His Truth as He leads us. Lord please help me to speak your will regardless of the outcome.