Sunday, November 26, 2006

Newburgh, IN

I thank the Lord for the work He is doing in Newburgh, IN, just outside of Evansville. Last Saturday we had our second meeting there with the Loya family. They are members of the Church and are desiring to get a work going in their area. We had 17 in attendance with 5 visitors from Sturgis, including their pastor and their visiting evangelist. There were 11 in attendance from the Evansville area. There looks to be good prospects for the Church growing in this area. Pray for us as we are having our next services, this Saturday, Dec. 2. Pray that revival will hit this area and that the Lord will continue to open doors for us.

One more for the kingdom!

Just wanted to say, Thank you Lord, for my cousin getting saved some time in the past week or so. I have been working with her for a while and I thank the Lord that she finally gave her heart to Him. Pray for her as she begins this journey. Pray that she is encouraged and uplifted. Pray for the rest of her family as well that they would give their lives over to Him. On a second note I thank the Lord for the growth that we have been seeing in our local church over the past couple of months.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

New pics

I forgot to put in my last post that I had taken pictures at tonight's service with the Loyas here. If you would like to see, just click on the My Home Church link and then click on the This Week in Picture link on our website.

God bless

Good day

I thank the Lord for a good day. We had good attendance at both our services. I also thank the Lord for the growth that we are seeing. Tonight we were blessed to have the Loyas with us. They are a church family in southern Indiana that I am working with to try to get something going in their area. If you know any families in the Evansville area that would be interested in attending church services let me know. Anyway, the Loyas drove up tonight to be in service with us. It was good to see them since it has been about a month since I have been down there. We will be holding services down there again next Saturday. There are supposed to be a number of people from the Sturgis church coming up as well as their visiting evangelist, for the revival they are having next weekend. Keep that in prayer. It is wonderful to be around people that have a desire to work for the Lord.

In other news, we had two baby showers yesterday. One that my wife's mother did and one the mine did. All in all there were around 50 people that showed up for the both of them together. It was good to see a lot of people that I don't get see very often. I know, baby showers aren't for guys, but at my in-laws, the father, grandfather, and brothers were there, so I stayed. And at my mother's I just kind of was there for a while at the beginning and end. I was glad that my grandparents came up from TN. It is good to see them, as I don't get to very often.

Well I guess that is all for now.

Monday, November 06, 2006

What a weekend!

This weekend was quite busy for Kelley and I. To start out, as soon as I got off work Friday, I had to rush straight home and take a shower to leave immediately for Ministers' Convention. We got there just in time. It was really good to see everybody and to experience the wonderful presence of the Lord that was in the Convention. Afterwards, we had a good time of fellowship with everyone. As a result by the time we left E-town and took my brother and sister home it was a little before 2 a.m. Both Kelley and I had to work Sat. so that meant we didn't get to sleep in very much. Her work had their big fundraiser of the year which is a dinner and auction. I ended up stopping by shortly before I went up to the Mission to conduct our church's monthly service there. The Spirit was very present there and I thank the Lord for the liberty that He gave me during the message. After that I went to the fundraiser and by the time we got everything cleaned up and got home it was a little before 1 a.m. Needless to say when I got up Sunday morning I felt like I had been run over by a truck. The Lord blessed in our Sunday Morning Service and in the evening service we had a visitor who was with us for the second time in as many weeks. We have launched into a food and clothing drive at church for the next month. We are small but are looking to do great things for the Lord, and to grow.

Hope everything is going good in everyone else's world.
God bless

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Thank you Lord

I thank the Lord for protecting me today. While I was at work I was nearly run over by an SUV. We were tapping the gas main and my job was to stand by the fire extinguisher in case something caught on fire. We had safety cones on the road and I was kneeling/sitting just on the other side of them. As I was concentrating on the gas main I suddenly heard some noises in behind me. I thought that it was a car backfiring or something and thought that it might ignite the gas. I threw myself away from the road and sometime immediately before or after a cone hit me from behind. The vehicle went whizzing by. Only then did I realize how close it had come to hitting me. It was probably within one to two feet of hitting me. That not that close when you are thinking person to person but a vehicle going down the road at 30-40 miles an hour. I am thankful that He protected me.