Saturday, June 28, 2008


Well, we are stilling trying to get everything sorted out with our house. We currently have all of our quotes and are in the process of getting things hashed out with insurance. We got things settled with our car and ended up getting our replacement vehicle, a van, today. We ended up going with a Navy blue, Chrysler Town and Country. It is going to be hard for me to get adjusted to looking for a blue van instead of a black car. Thankfully, we were able to get a great deal on it. It is very nice for the price we paid.

The Lord is continuing to bless and help us and we are thankful to Him for that.

Hopefully, things will get settled with the insurance soon and we will be able to get started working on the house. If we can just get things fixed with the foundation, electrical, and HVAC, then I can get started to work on the rest of the house. Hopefully, when everything is done, it will be better than what we started with. The house will be insulated(at least on the first floor), and some other things will be done that we have wanted to get done. I trust that some way I will have the time. Thankfully, that will all start after Conv. and the Assembly.

Which, if you are reading this, please pray for me as apparently, I will be preaching at the convention and the Assembly and I definitely need the Lord's direction. In fact, pray for me every week because I need the Lord's direction just as much if not more here, as I preach here every week.

Continue to strive for the crown

Monday, June 09, 2008

Flood pics.

Here are some flood pictures. In the first one our house is the white house in the middle. I am unsure if this was during or right before or after the crest.

Our house
This second one is where Kelley almost went under when the firemen were bringing her out. As you can see the current around the truck is coming down the alley very strong.
There were a number of guys locked arm in arm across this alley trying to block the current so that the firefighters could get Kelley and the kids across.
They got across at the back end of the blue truck in the picture.

Unfortunately, during this I am on an island on the other side of the brick house in the first picture. I was headed with the firefighters to get Kelley and the girls but they were worried because I didn't have a life vest. I wasn't home when the flash flood happened and had already waded through quite a bit of water to get almost to them. I was to remain stranded for about seven hours. I could of got on one of the earlier boats but I figured everyone else should go first. Thankfully, someone took Kelley into their house and found a way to get them to my mom and grandpa's. I wish I could of been with my girls but it was better for them not to have been with me as I don't know how well the two little girls and Kelley would have handled the boat ride. Especially since the most they could fit were two at a time. Katherine, the other little girl at my house Sat. is 5 almost 6 but would have still been pretty scared riding in the boat in the fast moving water. Thanks for all the prayers. Maybe if I remember to get our camera cord tomorrow I will upload some pictures.

God bless

Sunday, June 08, 2008


Just to let everyone know, we are flooded out of our house right now. We are unsure when we will get to go back. I am going to try and assess the damage today if the water has gone down enough to get to it.

Keep looking up.