Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Anna egg hunting

Note: When I posted this youtube was still processing the video, so if it doesn't play now, try a little later.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Safely there and back!

Well, we drove through a snow storm for a good amount of the way to Evansville today. A normally three hour trip, took about 5 hours. But, thankfully, we made it there safely. We had a good time there and it was good to see everyone. Also, it was nice to have Kelley and Anna with me. By the time we headed home, the snow was over and the roads were almost(99.9%) cleared. Anna slept most of the way both directions and that helped out a lot.
I am looking forward to tomorrow and what they Lord has in store. He is continuing to be faithful to us here at Amity. We will be having a Missions dinner tomorrow after service to raise money for March Missions. Please be in prayer for us, that we can continue to reach the unchurched and lost.

Work faithfully for Him who has called you.

Monday, March 03, 2008

Going good.

Things are going pretty good around here. Last Tues. night we had a District rally at the Sellersburg church. I think that there were 31 in attendance. I took Anna, as Kelley had been dealing with her all day and wasn't feeling the best when I got home. It was good to see everyone. On the way back home the snow was blowing really bad for about the first 20 miles. It was pretty hard to see, but after that things were better.
Saturday I went and took my CDL test. I passed so now I have my CDL license, which will be good for work. I failed the first time I took the test in January because I did one thing wrong. On a certain part of the test, you have to get every single part exactly right or you fail. I used two wrong numbers and failed. But, thankfully I passed this time, as it is not real cheap to take the test.
Saturday night at the mission in Indianapolis went pretty well. A man came up afterwards and talked to me for quite some time about his situation, which happened to be what a portion of the message was about. Please pray for this man as he is dealing with some unforgiveness towards a man in his past that has done a lot of damage to him.
Sunday we had an excellent Sunday School class. There was lots of discussion by everyone, bar one. The morning service went pretty well also. That afternoon I replaced the thermostat on my truck that went bad a little over a week ago. The first time that I had ever replaced a thermostat, but it seems that it fixed the problem, thank the Lord.