Saturday, March 08, 2008

Safely there and back!

Well, we drove through a snow storm for a good amount of the way to Evansville today. A normally three hour trip, took about 5 hours. But, thankfully, we made it there safely. We had a good time there and it was good to see everyone. Also, it was nice to have Kelley and Anna with me. By the time we headed home, the snow was over and the roads were almost(99.9%) cleared. Anna slept most of the way both directions and that helped out a lot.
I am looking forward to tomorrow and what they Lord has in store. He is continuing to be faithful to us here at Amity. We will be having a Missions dinner tomorrow after service to raise money for March Missions. Please be in prayer for us, that we can continue to reach the unchurched and lost.

Work faithfully for Him who has called you.

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