Sunday, July 12, 2009

Thank the Lord for His Blessings

Thank the Lord for a good day. We had good preaching this morning with our regional overseer visiting and giving the message. It is always good to see them. He touched on a number of things that we have covered here in the past number of months without even knowing it I believe. Just goes to show how the Lord has everything lined up if we just listen to Him.
Tonight, the preaching/teaching wasn't that great(it was me after all) but there was a very sweet spirit present. I taught on Communion tonight. It is so important that we realize the point of communion and that it is not just a ritual or religious observance. The whole reason we have communion is to remember how Christ's body was broken and His blood poured out for OUR sins. We didn't deserve it, but He loved us enough anyway.
If you have the time watch thisvideo. It was played tonight as part of the service for us to reflect on.

Had a good time yesterday as well seeing many old friends.

Remember, His body was broken for YOU.

Sunday, July 05, 2009

1 saved last night!

Thank the Lord for one saved at the mission in Indianapolis last night! Please pray for this young man as he faces many battles ahead. Our God still delivers!

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Diaper Free(for a few months)

Anna has finally decided that she doesn't want to wear diapers any more!! We have been waiting for this for quite a while. So for the next few months we will be diaper free. For Kelley it is even better than for me because she is the one that changed them the most, being at home and she had to wash them. Anna keeps growing more and more all the time, mainly in personality. Right now she keeps dancing around in her underwear in the living room. For some reason, she decided to get out of her PJ's and neglected to put clothes back on. Well, we are getting ready to head outside. May God bless you as you work for Him.

Friday, July 03, 2009

IL(S),IN,KY,OH Regional Convention

We met for the first service on Friday night. From the very opening, the Spirit was present in a mighty way. We were blessed by wonderful singing, preaching, and outpourings of the Holy Ghost over and over again. It was wonderful to see the many visitors that we had present as well. We had some from Texas, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, and Alabama as well as the rest from our region. We are also thankful from the visitors we had from within the region. One brother from TX, we went to BTI with. It was great to see Bro. Wolf again. It is even greater to know that we will be seeing him more frequently. He is moving to the region in the near future. He will be our new regional BTI Booster. We are also glad to welcome Bro. Anthony and Sis. Amy Dyer. Bro. Anthony will be the new pastor for Sellersburg, IN. Anna will be glad as well, Jackson Dyer and her like playing with each other. It was great to have some from our new church in Somerset, KY. The Lord is really blessing them. Someone has donated land for a new building, and according to my understanding they have already gotten some work done on the land. I am excited to hear about the things that are taking place in our region. There are many encouraging signs of things on the near horizon. I can't wait to see what God is going to do throughout the next year. If our convention was any sign of the outpouring of the Spirit during the next year, we have much to look forward to. We had 115 in attendance about a 40% increase over last year. Please pray for our region as we continue to spread the message of the gospel. We currently have a couple of missions operating that it would be great to see become full fledged churches over the next year.