Sunday, December 06, 2009

Early Dec. Update

Well, we had a good month of November. We rounded out the end with our church Thanksgiving dinner. We had a wonderful time of Fellowship. Afterward, the wonderful people here cleaned up everything, even washing all of the dishes before they left. It was a real blessing to Kelley and as a result to me as well. I am truly thankful that the people here love us so much. It makes pastoring here much easier than it could be otherwise.

Unfortunately, we have had to cancel our revival. Bro. Walters was/is having some health problems and is able to make it. Please pray that he would get better. We are planning on rescheduling after the first of the year.

We are now getting ready for a Christmas dinner next week at church. After that, we will be looking forward to our Christmas Eve Candlelight service.

Pray for us that we can keep working faithfully for Christ and His Church.