Sunday, September 28, 2008

Moving day and other updates

As of right now, we planning on closing on our new house on Oct. 15th. It will be great to be back in our own house, even though we will miss spending a ton of time with our family. It will be nice to have some room to stretch out. My brother Jeremiah will be glad to get off of the couch. Right now we are just stockpiling the stuff we need for the new house. We have had to buy some light fixtures and ceiling fans because the people who lived there before took 11 of the existing ones. We also had to buy all the blinds and shades as well. I am hoping it will still be warm enough to plant some trees. The yard has no trees, bushes, ect. and there is plenty of room for some. We would like to have some shade in the yard. Whenever I get our laptop hooked back up to the wireless, I will try and get some pictures on here. God has really blessed us in a mighty way with this house. A lot more room and much newer for lower or the same payments every month. Having an plenty of space for the church to use is great as well.

We went to AppleWorks, our local orchard/attraction last Sunday afternoon. The girls had a lot of fun feeding and petting the animals, as well as just running around. And PUMPKIN donuts were available! These are my favorite. Thankfully, Kelley planned on getting 1/2 dozen, but accidentally order 1 dozen. The girls and I didn't mind at all. Also, while I am thinking of donuts, we noticed today on the way home from church, that another bakery opened up here in town. The one that we used to go to on Sat. mornings, got flooded when our house did and never opened back up. So, I suppose we will go for a taste test soon, and if it passes, it will probably end up our new Sat. morn. destination.

Things are going pretty well at church as well, here locally, and pretty good throughout our region from what I here. Looking forward to ministers' convention here in a couple weeks.

Be faithful to Him that has called you.

Monday, September 08, 2008

Bro. James Anders

Please pray for Bro. Anders. It is my understanding that he is having very serious health problems right now.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

A House at Last

We finally have found a house! Praise the Lord!! We got word today that the bank accepted our offer on a house we have really been interested in. Hopefully, we will be moving in before our ministers' convention next month. It is about 90 years newer than our old house. With plenty of room for our family to grow in the future, and with plenty of room for the church for now. There is a bonus room that is bigger than what we have for a sanctuary right now where we are renting. God has finally worked things out for us, much different than we expected, but very wonderfully as well. Thank the Lord for His perfect timing.

Lean on Him more and more