Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Nice Weekend

We had a nice weekend around here. Saturday we got up and went to the bakery downtown for breakfast for fresh donuts. I am glad we have a little bakery now. We know(sort of) one of the owners and they seem to be really nice people. I then spent most of the rest of the day getting some stuff accomplished at church. We had pretty good services Sunday, with a very good worship service Sunday night. Monday, Anna spent almost the entire day with me. Most of it outside. She just had to be with me. We worked in the garden for a good while. I tried to let her help me plant some seeds. But she just kept trying to eat them! We also went on a long walk, a good majority of which I let her walk. Normally, when we take walks, she is in the stroller or wagon. I thought she might be worn out when we got home, but no, she was ready to go. Later, I addressed some different plumbing issues, fixing a leaky faucet, shower, and our upstairs bathtub faucets. A little of this and that, just what a three day weekend is for.

We are going to be having a breakfast at church Sunday morning, and a kids day on Sat., June 7. Please be in prayer as we want to touch these kids hearts and minister to their needs.

Seek not to have inspiration, but rather revelation.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Going Good

Things seem to be going pretty good around here. We had a great service Thurs. night. Then after work Friday I was able to work some more on the front of our house. I was out there until 10 pm. but was finally able to get some more done. Sat. I got up a little after 8:00 a.m. and went and got Katherine and then we came back to the house and got Kelley and Anna and took the wagon and walked down to the bakery downtown and got donuts for breakfast. We are glad that we have a little bakery close to our house, especially one that is close enough to walk to. Of course, for us, "close enough to walk to" is a relative phrase. Kelley regularly walks a couple of miles or so a day. And we have no problem walking to Burger King, which I believe is about a mile away. The bakery is much closer. And fresh donuts are great! I spent the rest of the morning after we got back talking to our neighbor and then playing with the girls in the backyard. I set up the tent and they played in that for a while. Later, I took care of some stuff in the garden, and then scraped the paint/paint remover, off of the section that I got done the night before.
We had a good Sunday as well. I preached Sunday morning on Universal Health care. The Bible outlines the ultimate universal health care plan. His name is Jesus! After church, we walked up to BK for lunch.
Today I finally got off of work at 4:00 pm for once. I came home and Anna is dying to go outside, but it is raining and cool so it will not be happening. She loves being outside, but sometimes it just isn't possible.
Hope that you are doing well, where ever you are at.

God bless

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Great Youth Convention!

We had a great Youth Convention. There were 50+ people there the best that I could figure as we had some that only made it for some of the services, and then others left early. There was great preaching, anointed singing, and wonderful fellowship. I took the whole day off Friday as Kelley was/is having back problems(keep her in prayer please) as got some new back tires on my truck as one had been consistently flat for about a week, and I kept having to work late. While Kelley was at the chiropractor's office, Anna and I stopped by and saw a couple of friends where I used to work. I thought we were stopping by to see one, but lo and behold another had started working there that I didn't know about. It was good to see both of them. We were able to leave for conv. about 2:00 pm. after a stop at the school where mom works. Of course she had to take Anna around and show everyone. We got to E-town about 4:30 pm which is much nicer than our normal work all day and then slide into service right when it starts or late. Right now it is about 10:50 p.m. on Sat. night. Anna and I just finished off some reheated cheese pizza. It was just going to be my dinner, but she had to have some. Apparently, she is figuring out what those teeth in her mouth are for. It is a little difficult typing with hands and feet, alternately, being shoved in the way. Thankfully, she is mainly sitting here without interfering too much.

Work for the Lord like you never have before.

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Always a reason

Sometimes, we do grow weary in well doing. The Bible tells us to keep pressing on, but let's face the fact, we are human. In being human, there are times that we just get tired. Tonight was one of those nights. I have been sick and working a lot a hours lately, and really wasn't feeling much like going the Mission in Indy. Didn't really know what I was going to preach about. And I knew the singing wasn't going to go like normal since I am still sick. However, God, as usual renewed my desire to keep working for Him. Tonight, I got to see a man that had converted to Islam a few years back, come back to Jesus Christ. It was great. I am sure it was much better for him that me. And I know that he didn't require me to be there to do it. But, if I hadn't been there, I would have missed what God did. I would have missed God renewing me. In short, that man might have still gotten saved, but I would have missed out on what God wanted for me to learn, to experience. Thank you Lord that you don't let me wear out completely. That you always know the right thing that I need to keep on working for you.

Anna now has 5 teeth. After months of chewing and no teeth, she got two in one week, last week. She told me to "stop it" the other night at dinner. I know it was directed at me because she was pointing right at me when she did it! What will she learn next.

We had a good month this past month focusing on "Equipping Effective Evangelists" we covered some good ground in the morning and evening services on Sundays. We focused on things we need to be doing in the mornings, and in the evenings focused on some of the different people we will encounter when witnessing, and different things we need to keep in mind with each type of person.

We had a Pizza and Movie night at church last night. We watched "The Ultimate Gift" It is a pretty good movie. We had one new(well technically 3, but two were only about 8 months old) visitor. We were glad she was finally able to come. We hope to see much more of her in the future.

We are looking forward to leaving for youth convention next weekend. Please keep it in your prayers.