Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Nice Weekend

We had a nice weekend around here. Saturday we got up and went to the bakery downtown for breakfast for fresh donuts. I am glad we have a little bakery now. We know(sort of) one of the owners and they seem to be really nice people. I then spent most of the rest of the day getting some stuff accomplished at church. We had pretty good services Sunday, with a very good worship service Sunday night. Monday, Anna spent almost the entire day with me. Most of it outside. She just had to be with me. We worked in the garden for a good while. I tried to let her help me plant some seeds. But she just kept trying to eat them! We also went on a long walk, a good majority of which I let her walk. Normally, when we take walks, she is in the stroller or wagon. I thought she might be worn out when we got home, but no, she was ready to go. Later, I addressed some different plumbing issues, fixing a leaky faucet, shower, and our upstairs bathtub faucets. A little of this and that, just what a three day weekend is for.

We are going to be having a breakfast at church Sunday morning, and a kids day on Sat., June 7. Please be in prayer as we want to touch these kids hearts and minister to their needs.

Seek not to have inspiration, but rather revelation.

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