Saturday, May 10, 2008

Great Youth Convention!

We had a great Youth Convention. There were 50+ people there the best that I could figure as we had some that only made it for some of the services, and then others left early. There was great preaching, anointed singing, and wonderful fellowship. I took the whole day off Friday as Kelley was/is having back problems(keep her in prayer please) as got some new back tires on my truck as one had been consistently flat for about a week, and I kept having to work late. While Kelley was at the chiropractor's office, Anna and I stopped by and saw a couple of friends where I used to work. I thought we were stopping by to see one, but lo and behold another had started working there that I didn't know about. It was good to see both of them. We were able to leave for conv. about 2:00 pm. after a stop at the school where mom works. Of course she had to take Anna around and show everyone. We got to E-town about 4:30 pm which is much nicer than our normal work all day and then slide into service right when it starts or late. Right now it is about 10:50 p.m. on Sat. night. Anna and I just finished off some reheated cheese pizza. It was just going to be my dinner, but she had to have some. Apparently, she is figuring out what those teeth in her mouth are for. It is a little difficult typing with hands and feet, alternately, being shoved in the way. Thankfully, she is mainly sitting here without interfering too much.

Work for the Lord like you never have before.

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Anonymous said...


It was good to see you as well! I am praying that Kelly's back gets well very quickly and that life continues to bless you and yours.

Tell everyone hi for me and hopefully our paths will cross again. Take care my friend!


The other employee....(LOL)