Saturday, May 03, 2008

Always a reason

Sometimes, we do grow weary in well doing. The Bible tells us to keep pressing on, but let's face the fact, we are human. In being human, there are times that we just get tired. Tonight was one of those nights. I have been sick and working a lot a hours lately, and really wasn't feeling much like going the Mission in Indy. Didn't really know what I was going to preach about. And I knew the singing wasn't going to go like normal since I am still sick. However, God, as usual renewed my desire to keep working for Him. Tonight, I got to see a man that had converted to Islam a few years back, come back to Jesus Christ. It was great. I am sure it was much better for him that me. And I know that he didn't require me to be there to do it. But, if I hadn't been there, I would have missed what God did. I would have missed God renewing me. In short, that man might have still gotten saved, but I would have missed out on what God wanted for me to learn, to experience. Thank you Lord that you don't let me wear out completely. That you always know the right thing that I need to keep on working for you.

Anna now has 5 teeth. After months of chewing and no teeth, she got two in one week, last week. She told me to "stop it" the other night at dinner. I know it was directed at me because she was pointing right at me when she did it! What will she learn next.

We had a good month this past month focusing on "Equipping Effective Evangelists" we covered some good ground in the morning and evening services on Sundays. We focused on things we need to be doing in the mornings, and in the evenings focused on some of the different people we will encounter when witnessing, and different things we need to keep in mind with each type of person.

We had a Pizza and Movie night at church last night. We watched "The Ultimate Gift" It is a pretty good movie. We had one new(well technically 3, but two were only about 8 months old) visitor. We were glad she was finally able to come. We hope to see much more of her in the future.

We are looking forward to leaving for youth convention next weekend. Please keep it in your prayers.

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