Sunday, April 20, 2008

Home again

Well, it is good to be back home. We left late Friday afternoon and went to Sturgis, KY. We spent the night there at Bro. Shane and Sis. Christy's. Anna had a lot of fun with the two boys, though, when they were wrestling with me, we had to make sure that she stayed away as they are a little too rough and tumble for her to join in. She kept making the effort though.
Sat. we got up and went to Henderson, KY for the service we were having there. It started out as a band service, and then several other people committed to showing up so they were planning on having a service and cookout. Since it is just across the river from Evansville, Bro. Shane invited us to come down. Unfortunately, the weather was pretty chilly, and it was raining/misting a little, so they decided not to have the cookout. There was a pretty good turnout of people with it being so cold, especially since the service was in a shelter house at the state park. There were at least six non-church members, besides some kids, there plus several from the Sturgis church, us, and most of the Loyas. The best I can remember there were right at 30 people there. It's too bad the weather wasn't better so that we could have had the cookout as well.

Anna seemed like she just kept getting hurt yesterday. At the service in Henderson, right at the end, she decided she needed to mess with the keyboard. So, I let her get up there and mess with it. Then she decided to walk down the bench and her foot slipped before I could grab it. To she hit the bench and then the concrete. Thankfully, no lasting damage. Then, when we stopped for lunch, she fell against a cardboard display at the gift shop. Everything seemed fine, until we went to leave and noticed she had red on her lip. It was blood. Evidently, she busted it when she hit the cardboard. She didn't make much of a fuss when it happened, so I guess it didn't hurt that bad. Then, we had decided to stay at a hotel part of the way back, just to kind of have a break, and she decided to trying walking in the tub. We had gotten the jacuzzi so that it would be like a swimming pool for her. We only had and inch or two of water, just enough for her to splash, and she decided to stand up. I got her sat down the first time, but the second she fell before I got her. So, she bumped her head again and started crying. She was over it by the time she got washed up though. Just running around the hotel room. We got up this morning and she was wearing an all white dress with a white sweater. Amazingly, Kelley was able to feed her without any of it getting on her closes! With Anna, that is a real feat, sometimes even with a bib on, which she didn't have one on this morning.
We had a good Sunday School, and Morning Service today. God is really helping us. I am looking for great things in the very near future.

Strive to be found faithful to the one who has called you.

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