Saturday, November 24, 2007

Good Week!

Well, we have had a good week. Had a good Thanksgiving with the family.
We received a call earlier in the week about a young man that had just gotten saved in Evansville. A friend of his from Arizona, contacted us about working with him and helping him. After I visited with the Loyas yesterday, I was able to make contact with him. I was unable to visit with him, but we plan on meeting the next time I am able to go down there. Also, a family that the Loyas had been working with before is planning on moving back to the Evansville area. This, with the other members, and contacts we have in the area, means that soon we will hopefully have about 10-20 people in the Evansville area. Praise the Lord! Some, such as this young man and another family, are recently saved. Others are those that are established and can help feed these younger ones. I am looking forward to what God is doing in this area. Well, got other things to do so, guess I will post more some other time.

Continue to be faithful to Him who has called you.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

New web address

Our local church's new web address is The old one will work for the next few months, but due to the change in our location we decided to change this address as well.

Happy Thanksgiving

May everyone enjoy Thanksgiving Day and let us all truly be thankful for what God has given us.
I am thankful for the many blessings in my life. Two of the biggest being my two girls. My wonderful wife and my daughter are so special to me. I am thankful that God has allowed them to be a part of my life.


We had a good time Sunday. We had a good turn-out for attendance, and after the service we had a good time of food and fellowship. Everyone was there from the evening before,except for one young lady that attends church elsewhere, so we had one first timer and another young lady with us that hadn't been for a while. We are looking forward to the Lord doing great things here.
Please pray for one of my uncles, as he is in desperate need of the Lord and His help right now. Also, please pray for our mission in Evansville. I believe God is working in this area. Hopefully, I will have more information to put up concerning Evansville after this weekend.

Sad prayer request

I just received word today of a tragic situation which desperately needs prayer. A man who is friends with one of my sister's in-laws had a daughter that was brutally murdered either today or yesterday I believe. The woman had filed for divorce from her husband and he slit her throat in front of their four year old child. He then took the child and purposely wrecked a vehicle in an attempt to kill both of them. From my understanding the child is ok, but the father is in bad shape. Please pray for this man that he would have the opportunity to give his heart to the Lord before he would die, and that the Lord would help all of the family involved in this.

Saturday, November 17, 2007


Well, we had a bonfire at church tonight. Other than our regulars we had three others with us. One of them, a young man, was his first time coming to anything. He plans on coming in the morning to service as well. One of the others is supposed to be there in the morning as well.
We had a pretty good time. The fire was pretty big at first, when no one was there! By the time everyone got there it had died down pretty good, but you still had to be pretty committed if you were going to cook a hot dog on it. I took the approach of switching hands back and forth while turning my face to the side to shield it from the heat. On the second one I ate, I cheated and just cooked it on the flames from the stove inside. A little later, we played flashlight tag. I was "it" first. I found everyone and had one of the boys left to find. I wouldn't have found him, except he was in a tree and by the time I found everyone else, he had gotten tired and started moving around a bit to switch the pressure of holding himself up. It just so happened that I was walking by at that particular time.
Well, if you read this between Sat. night and Church Sun. Morning, please say a prayer for us that we will have good SS, morning service, and fellowship dinner afterwards. We are expecting a number of visitors.

May God bless you in your endeavors for Him.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Diane's Here!

My sister Diane got here last Sat. night. My mom didn't know she was coming this soon and she surprised her at church Sun. morning. We are glad to have her here for the next couple of months. Please keep her husband, Kevin, in your prayers as he is currently in Iraq.
We had a good trip to Evansville last Sat. It was good to see the Loyas. We had a good time with them. The scenery along the way was pretty good as well, with all the fall foliage.
Tomorrow we will be having a bonfire/cookout at the church. We are looking to have a pretty good turnout. Then on to Sunday with the Thanksgiving dinner after church. We should have a pretty good turnout for that as well. I believe that God is helping us. We ran into two different people at Wal-Mart this evening that are planning on trying to be there Sunday. Please pray for us that the Lord will help us to be in the middle of His will.

May you work without growing weary for Christ

Monday, November 05, 2007


I didn't really know what to put as a title, so anyways. Had a relatively good week last week. It was nice to be able to sleep in with my girls two Saturdays in a row. Of course, sleeping in always makes the rest of the day seem short! I fixed pancakes again this week. Anna seems to have trouble getting much of the pancake into her stomach. Some of it does get in her mouth, but invariably much of it makes it to the floor, her highchair, or her hair! Part of the problem probably is that she gets her cereal and fruit(I think) before the pancake, so she is probably in more of a playing mood than eating mood. She does like the taste though.
We had a good service at the Mission in Indianapolis last night. It seems like I normally preach longer when I am there than here at the local church. At any rate we had a good service which I am thankful for.
Also, on Sat. afternoon, we went to Apple Works, one of the local orchards, with Anna's big "sister", my mom, and my sister. It was a good thing to because the people who have the animals there for the petting zoo were there to take them home. So we made it on the last day they were there. All of us had a lot of fun. Thankfully, this time we took Anna's wide wheeled wagon, instead of the thin-wheeled stroller. Much easier on the person providing the umph for the transportation.
Well, I guess that's all for now. Pray for me if you think to. I have been fighting off some sickness for a few days now. Tonight I began to cough a lot and my voice is almost gone.

May God bless you as you seek a deeper walk with Him