Friday, November 16, 2007

Diane's Here!

My sister Diane got here last Sat. night. My mom didn't know she was coming this soon and she surprised her at church Sun. morning. We are glad to have her here for the next couple of months. Please keep her husband, Kevin, in your prayers as he is currently in Iraq.
We had a good trip to Evansville last Sat. It was good to see the Loyas. We had a good time with them. The scenery along the way was pretty good as well, with all the fall foliage.
Tomorrow we will be having a bonfire/cookout at the church. We are looking to have a pretty good turnout. Then on to Sunday with the Thanksgiving dinner after church. We should have a pretty good turnout for that as well. I believe that God is helping us. We ran into two different people at Wal-Mart this evening that are planning on trying to be there Sunday. Please pray for us that the Lord will help us to be in the middle of His will.

May you work without growing weary for Christ

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