Saturday, November 17, 2007


Well, we had a bonfire at church tonight. Other than our regulars we had three others with us. One of them, a young man, was his first time coming to anything. He plans on coming in the morning to service as well. One of the others is supposed to be there in the morning as well.
We had a pretty good time. The fire was pretty big at first, when no one was there! By the time everyone got there it had died down pretty good, but you still had to be pretty committed if you were going to cook a hot dog on it. I took the approach of switching hands back and forth while turning my face to the side to shield it from the heat. On the second one I ate, I cheated and just cooked it on the flames from the stove inside. A little later, we played flashlight tag. I was "it" first. I found everyone and had one of the boys left to find. I wouldn't have found him, except he was in a tree and by the time I found everyone else, he had gotten tired and started moving around a bit to switch the pressure of holding himself up. It just so happened that I was walking by at that particular time.
Well, if you read this between Sat. night and Church Sun. Morning, please say a prayer for us that we will have good SS, morning service, and fellowship dinner afterwards. We are expecting a number of visitors.

May God bless you in your endeavors for Him.


Vicki Smith said...

Oops . . . I read this too late to pray for your Sunday service. I hope it was good. I'm sure it was. It's Tuesday already, and here's wishing you a very Happy Thanksgiving. We certainly have a lot to be thankful for!

Ryan said...

I plan on having a Happy Thanksgiving. I just will miss going to Grandpa and Grandma's. Since they moved down there, it is twice the distance for us, and not really feasible for Thanksgiving anymore. I suppose we can just be thankful that we have gotten to see them at BTI for the past two years and the GA this year(as well as a little bit last year).