Friday, November 06, 2009

Sickness .....

This week has been a week of sickness around the Peters household. Kelley started feeling under the weather Mon. night. I then stayed home Tues. to watch the kids as she didn't really get out of bed very much. I started coughing quite a bit on Tues. as well. Then when Wed. morning rolled around both Anna and I were running fevers. Anna's finally broke sometime Thurs. and mine is on the verge of going away, just very very low grade right now. Kelley was doing much better Wed. thankfully, because I sure couldn't be taking care of Lydia as sick as I was. Lydia eventually started running a low fever, but it disappeared sometime in the middle of last night. We are all feeling better and thankful to the Lord that it wasn't any worse. He has helped us through it all. Now time to get back to being busy for the Lord.

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