Sunday, May 27, 2007

Back from BTI

Well, we made it to BTI and back safely. We had a wonderful time while there. It was sad that some of our old friends were unable to make it this year for different reasons, but we made some new friends as well. Anna did real good on the drive down and on the drive back. On the way down, all of the driving was at night, so she slept the whole time except when she needed to be fed. We drove back during the day and were worried that she would have problems, but she did just as good as she did on the way down.
While at BTI, we were able to go look at where we will be having the assembly this year. IT is very nice, and I think it will work very well for us. Bro. Grayson should have some pictures up on the General website before too long.
Unfortunately, while we were there, my grandfather's brother got very sick, so they had to leave to go see him before he died, which he passed away yesterday, so we didn't get to spend as much time with them as we would have liked to. Please pray for my family during this time of loss.
It is good to be back home. Even though I have a lot of catching up to do. There have been some positive things going on here locally at the Church. A couple of our young people that we had not seen for a while have shown up this past week. One of them to two different services. Unfortunately, she will be out of town for the next month or so, but we look forward to when she will get back. Secondly, my cousin that got saved last fall will be able to get out of jail about three months sooner than expected. She will have some restrictions for a while, but hopefully she will be able to come to church. At the very least, it will be much easier for all of us to go and see her. Please pray for her that she will stay strong in the Lord.
Well, that's about all for now. May God bless you as you labor for Him.

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