Sunday, July 08, 2007

Good Saturday

Well, I had a good Saturday. My brother and I went down to the church to work on things for a while. I had to mow the grass again. It is growing so fast! I just worked on mowing it Tues and Wed. Thankfully, the neighbor came down and told me to use his riding mower. So, I was able to get it all mowed in just a few hours.
Saturday night I went to the mission in Indianapolis. We had a good service. There were about 75 men present. Twelve came to the altar and prayed at the end, with the Lord working with one man especially. There were several that indicated that they had been blessed during the service. I was hoping that there would be at least one get saved, but the Lord knows what the needs were there. Some of the men there I can't ever remember them not being there. We have been conducting services for them for several years now and some of them always seem to be there. Others though, have come and went, able to get past that stage of there life. Only by the grace of God that each of us is not in that same situation. Homeless and possibly even hopeless(in the sense that they feel they have no hope).
Well, we shall have a busy couple of weeks ahead getting ready for Regional Convention next weekend and the first service at the new place in two weeks. We still have a lot to do, but with everyone pitching in and with the Lord's help we will get everything needed done in time. We are also going to have a yard sale for the church the Thurs. and Fri. before we have the first service there. So pray that we are able to raise some funds through that as well.
I had a good visit with the man that owns that house next to us. He actually lives about a mile from where our building is at. He pretty much said everything but actually promising to come down to the new location for church. He seemed real positive that he would come by. Please pray for the young lady that has been coming with her twin girls. That she will continue to be encouraged in her walk with the Lord. Last week she also mentioned about some friends of hers in Alabama that had their 22 month old child that drowned. So please keep them in prayer as well.

May you be encouraged to continue working for the Lord.

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