Sunday, August 12, 2007

Good things!

Just wanted to thank the Lord for the donation of 4 new banquet tables and a sweeper to the church here at Franklin. In addition, we were able to raise a little over $200 dollars at a yard sale Friday. We took a little break this week, not really working on the building after being at it for about two months. Hopefully, I will get back to working on a few of the things this next week, if I get time. We are looking forward to the General Assembly. It will be good to see everyone, and will be wonderful to see what God has in store for us.
We had a good service this morning. Our WMB leader gave a good boost and devotion. She pointed out the objectives of the WMB. One, to train the young women, went right along with our Sunday School lesson on the christian woman. She also pointed out how that we may not be able to do much monetarily as a small church, but when our work is put together with everyone else's it adds up.

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Momma Tammi said...

Praise the Lord for these new blessings. Looking forward to meeting your family at the Assembly.