Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Multitude or a Disciple

Are you a part of the Multitude, or have you become a disciple?
People that were a part of what I call the multitude(people around Jesus) were the people being ministered to. The disciples, DID the ministering, along with Jesus. Take the story of feeding the four thousand + in Matt. 15. Verse 36 says that Jesus gave the bread and fish to His disciples, and then THEY gave it to the people. The disciples went out and healed people(through the power that Christ had imparted to them), the multitude were the people being healed.

In some cases the multitude brought people to Jesus. In John 4, we see the woman at the well, brought the men of her town to Jesus. Yet, the disciples took Jesus(in spirit) to the people.

I want to be a disciple. In fact, we all need to be disciples. We need to be SERVING rather than being served. And we must be taking Jesus TO the people. We can try all we want to bring people to Jesus. Some will come, some will not. There is no guarantee they will come. However, we can guarantee to take Jesus to them, every single time, to every single person. If Christ is dwelling in us, operating in us, then every person we come into contact with, we are taking Him to Them. They may not come to Him, but we can always take Him to Them.

Be a Disciple Today!

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