Sunday, January 18, 2009

New Baby on the Way!

Well, we had a trip to the ER Friday due to Kelley experiencing very sharp pains. During the course of trying to figure out what was wrong(nothing, or if there was something God answered the prayers and healed her)they ran blood work tests, one of which was a pregnancy. So they promptly(as prompt as an ER waiting on lab work can be I guess) came back and told us that the pregnancy test was positive! We were planning on waiting another month or two to not interrupt our General Assembly plans. However, we had also just decided to leave things up to God. So, God had different plans than we did. Kelley is only about 1 week along. So, I think we are shooting for around the end of Sept. beginning of Oct.

In other news, I think we are seriously considering going to Youth Camp this year. Even though Kelley will probably be about 5 months pregnant, since it will possibly be in June, it will be somewhat cool still hopefully.

Please continue to pray for Terry.


marshasblog said...

Hey Bro...Congrats on the new baby!! How exciting!! I think about everyone I know these days are expecting a baby...I don't want it to wear off on me though..Two is enough for me..don't ask Donald that is actually on her third baby boy..he is due in March.

I hope you all can make it to camp..I've done camp pregnant..It's not easy..but it is well worth it!! Mandy came when she was about 7 months along and she looked miserable. But she didn't complain...she was a good sport!! LOL...(but it was her first one..) Everything is exciting with the first one!! Anyways I didn't mean to ramble on..just excited about your good news and I do hope you all decide to join us this year at camp...It is an awesome place to be!!!

jessa said...

I ran by your blog and wanted to say CONGRATS!!! =o) May God bless your new little one!

Tammi said...

It has been forever since I stopped by to catch up on all that is happening in your lives. What great news! Congratulations to both of you. I'll add Kelly to my list of pregnant ladies to be prayed for each day.

marvoop said...

Congratulations and thanks for your prayers.

Montgomery's said...

Okay, I've missed out that you guys are expecting too. That now makes about 12 people I know expecting & only 2 of them are NOT in the church. Wow! Congratulations! Looks like most of us will be missing the Assembly and we'll nearly double the attendance the following year with all of our 1 year olds running around. lol. I'm due Sept 10, right in the middle of the Assembly. Diffently not going this year. Praying for you guys. Tell Kelley hello from us.