Saturday, December 23, 2006

Food and clothing drive

I forgot to mention in the last post that we had finished our food and clothing drive at church. We were able to donate a good amount of food and some clothing to some local pantries. Actually, the clothes have not been dropped off yet. I would like to make this kind of an ongoing drive for the local church. Kelley and I have decided to try, when we are able, to donate food on a monthly basis. I encourage everyone to try and help the others in your community in some way on a continuous basis. We may not be able to do much individually, but together we can all do something. At the Youth Banquet Sis. Sharon Griffin taught a class on giving. In the class, she had us divided into groups and had us analyze a scripture passage. One of the points that we got from ours was that if we don't give when we are able, others will shut their bowels of compassion when we are in need. I would never want someone to accuse me of not giving when I was able. Hope everything is going good where you are at. God bless


Vicki Smith said...

Hello, Brother Ryan! I just saw your profile pic on Brother Donnie's blog and decided to come for a visit and to see a larger version of your pic. What a sweet picture! When's the baby due? SOON, it looks like! ;-)

Ryan said...

The baby is supposed to be due on Feb. 22 but my wife, Kelley, thinks that the little one will probably come around the end of Jan. to the beginning of Feb. It will be our first and we are looking forward to it.

Vicki Smith said...

Ahhh, I remember the anticipation. In my opinion it's better to not expect the baby before the due date. That way you're not so discouraged (I started to say "deflated", but at that point you're anything BUT deflated!) when another day, and another one, and another one, goes on and the baby doesn't appear. :-) At least that's the way I tend to look at things. I brace myself for the worst case scenario, then REJOICE when it doesn't come to pass! ;-)