Sunday, January 07, 2007

10% or 100%

Our General Evangelism Coordinator, Bro. Lanny Carter, has encouraged everyone to work for 10% membership increase in their local church this year. I was thinking about that and realized that 1 person would be more than a 10% increase in our local church(as far as covenant members go). So what I am shooting for is 100% increase in our membership and more than that in our attendance for the year. We have very good prospects of at least doubling the attendance in a short time and I am trusting the Lord that as these people fall in love with Jesus they will eventually join the Church as well.
Bro. Donnie Estep lately starting something called, catching people in the act, of doing something good that is. I was glad to be able to catch one of the members hear in Franklin doing that very thing this week. They ran into someone in a bad situation, in need, and immediately responded. They, to my knowledge, didn't worry about what they were going to get out of the deal, but simply realized that they had something this family needed greatly, and gave out of the abundance of their heart. People like that make it a joy to pastor! I am not saying in any way that I had anything to do with them making their decision, because I didn't. It is simply wonderful to know that the membership here have the heart that Christ desires for them to. Check back soon to hear about the great things that God is doing here. God bless.

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