Sunday, January 28, 2007

Greatly Encouraged

I thank the Lord for what He has been doing for us in Franklin. It seems that lately I am just more and more encouraged. I don't feel that I am doing enough for Him but it seems that He just is continually blessing us.
We are still waiting for the baby to get here. Kelley has been having contractions on a semi-regular basis for the past couple of days but we are going to wait until they are very consistent and very close before we even think about going to the hospital.
In church news, things are going very well. Last Friday night we had a pizza party for the youth and watched a movie, then afterwards played music for a little while. Even though I was sad that a few of our youth were not there, due to my own not checking everyone's schedule ahead of time, the ones that were there brought 3 new faces, which we were glad to have. One of those came to church Sunday morning. We ended this month with our SS att. ave. up 50% from last month. I am just looking forward to more wonderful things from God. Check back soon to see what wonderful things He is doing in our midst.


Vicki Smith said...

Here's a hint: If the contractions quit when Kelley gets up and walks around and stays active, it's not "real" labor. This is one way to tell if it's the real thing or not and avoid unnecessary trips to the hospital. I'm praying and anxiously awaiting to hear about the delivery.

I'm excited to hear about your church growth and hear your enthusiasm. Victory on top of victory for The Church of God! AMEN!

Ryan said...

Unfortunately, Sis. Smith, the contractions don't seem to stop no matter what she does. They just come and go at their own leisure. For the most part anymore, we just go about our normal schedule whether she is having the contractions or not. If they get real close together(yesterday morning they were 3 to 4 min apart) she goes to the doctor to check, otherwise we just carry on. Thank you for the prayers.