Sunday, October 05, 2008

Almost at the end!

We received word this week that our loan has been approved from the SBA. One more person has to sign off and then we should know for sure what our closing date is! As far as we know it should be Oct. 15th.

Please pray for the other people in this community that flooded. We had a meeting Thurs. about the city buying our flooded house and many people expressed some pretty difficult situations that they are having to endure. The Lord has really blessed us and we have not had to deal with many of the problems. Some are paying for their old house as well as renting a place to live. Some have been dropped by their insurance and they are still required to have it on the flooded house. One lady had gotten estimates for work and her insurance had given them $75,000 LESS than what the estimates were! I could only sit and just thank the Lord that we have not had these problems. We have had a place to live. The insurance has not fought us at all on our claim. And our agent has worked with us to get whatever we needed.

We will be leaving for Ministers' Convention sometime Friday. I am looking forward to seeing everyone and worshiping with them. We are glad the region has purchased the Jernigans a parsonage. It will be great having them closer. I know it will make things easier on them visiting the local churches as well. I hope to hear how things are going in the new fields in our region as well.

We had a fun day yesterday. Tried out the new donut shop. It was good! We then spent a bunch of time downtown Franklin at the Fall Festival. Checked out the booths. Saw a few people we knew. Got a bunch of free stuff for Anna. Then we watched the parade. I wasn't thrilled about most of the parade. A bunch of it was just Shriners riding around in their little vehicles. People who don't realize that Masons are their own religion should easily be able to see. One of the vehicles had Potentate on it and another had High Priest & Prophet. One good thing about the parade was that one local church had a lot of people in it. They were passing out flyers for their church. After the parade, we walked to our flooded house so that I could mow the grass. I guess the only good thing I can say about mowing grass at a house you can't live in is 1) The mower I use doens't use gas(it's a reel mower) so it doesn't cost anything other than time, and 2) It is a pretty small yard so it doesn't take too long(about 15 min.).

We had a good service at Wheeler Mission last night. It was pretty full. I guess with the nights getting colder, more are showing up. No one publicly accepted Christ, but the service went well, and a majority seemed to participate.

Keep looking up!


Vicki Smith said...

So happy to hear you'll soon be able to move into your new home! Praise God!
Hey, I made some pumpkin brownies today that are pretty good. Wanna come have some? :-D

Ryan said...

I would love to. However, the 8 hour drive does not lend itself to just dropping by. Especially, since there are others in the area, especially grandma and grandpa, that would require a visit as well. We can't be that close and not stop. Oh well, that's how it goes I guess.