Sunday, October 19, 2008

Catching up

Well, we didn't get to move in on the 15th. Our closing date, if nothing else causes delay, should be Oct. 31! We are ready to be back in our own house. Grateful that we have family that are so generous, but ready to go.

We had a good ministers' convention last weekend. Good preaching by the guest ministers. We topped it off by dedicating our new regional parsonage. We are glad to be able to provide a parsonage to our overseer. Which, please pray for Sis. Jernigan's mother. She fell and broke her hip, necessitating a quick trip back to OK for them.

Our church had a bonfire/cookout Friday night. We had a good turnout with 21 in attendance. We had 7 that had never been to our church before. There was a lot of good fellowship. The fire, after it got going was about 20-30 ft high and 15 ft wide. Way to large to roast anything on. But finally, it burned down enough to roast dogs on while still leaving the skin on your hand. We had a couple of cameras taking pictures, so hopefully, after they are uploaded, I will get some on here.

After the bonfire, Kelley and I left for the weekend. Today is our 6th anniversary. We just left for two nights and a day, but it was good to get away and do pretty much nothing, even if just for a day. We ate at the Cheesecake Factory yesterday. The prices there are in the higher range, but since you really get two meals with one order, it is worth it. I can't eat all of the lunch size portion of what I got, and they gave me the dinner size. I also got a Chinese massage afterward. At the mall there is a Chinese massage place in the middle of the walkways. Man, you better be ready for some pain. Those guys press HARD. The guys kept saying my shoulders were tense and that I really needed the massage. The real problem was I was in pain and I was tensed up because of that. But all in all I felt pretty good after it was all over.

We had a good turn out for church this morning and are going to have a fellowship time after.

Keep looking up.

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