Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Do you want to go to bed?

You never ask this question to my daughter in the evenings. MOST kids when you ask them this will straighten up and act right, and cry and beg to keep from going to bed. We tried asking Anna this when she gets a little fussy in the evenings and we want her to behave. Big mistake. If you are not ready right then to take her and put her in bed, don't ask. She whines more trying to get you to put her in bed than most kids do to stay out of bed! She is the only child that I have ever known of to be GLAD to go to bed in the evening. I guess we can just thank the Lord for that. Now if she will just learn to go to bed by herself.

I guess I could have just titled this all about Anna.
She has gotten very good about helping out around the house with cleaning and keeping it cleaned up. She loves to takes clothes out of the washer(the new front-loading washer is great for this), and taking dishes out of the dishwasher(now to wait until she is tall enough to reach the cabinets!), and putting things up in closets. When I get home from work, when she realizes I am taking off my jacket/coat, she immediately runs to the coat closet and opens the door and says "Mon", the closest she gets to Come on right now, while motioning with her hand. Since this house has lever handle doors, she can usually open any of the doors. We have got to get a new door handle for the guest room as it has no lock on it and she will be prone to trying to open it when guests are staying here.
She also love our office. Right now it basically just has the childrens Sunday School stuff in it, but it has double doors and she loves going in there and closing them. She did so many times Sunday and after realizing it was awfully quiet in there I began to investigate, the first time I found a little girl taking a bottle of glue out of a moving box so that box had to be moved to the garage. Next I found a little girl climbing on one box to get to an open box stacked next to it, so that box had to go as well.

Ok, one last thing about Anna. Praying is very important for meals and before she goes to bed. One time she ended praying for supper three times. She prayed for her food. Everyone else a short time later prayed. She didn't realize they were praying until they were almost through I guess, because after they were done, she insisted they pray again. When putting her to bed she often starts trying to pray before we get all the hugs and kisses.

We finally have most things unpacked, most light fixtures up(having to replace 9 that were taken),(back now after we took a little break for finger painting) and all of our furniture. We had someone give us a sofa, loveseat, and tv to replace those that were lost in the flood. Those were the last items to be moved in. We have one more desk, but will not be getting it until Joe, our former neighbor and current church attender, gets moved. I have most of the curtains up now as well. We are getting settled in pretty well.

Well that's all for now.

Strive to be all that He has called you to be.

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Vicki Smith said...

So happy God has provided you with a new place to call home. Moving is a LOT of work, but it feels so good when you've accomplished your goals. Enjoy!

Anna is growing up so fast. Enjoy EVERY phase of her life.