Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving again already?

Wow! This year has flown by! It seems that the older I get, the faster time goes. Things have been going pretty good around here. It has been almost a month since we moved, and we are pretty well settled in. Jobi about got really settled into the floor last Sunday. She got to the top step of the stairs before church Sun. night, and suddenly fell backwards. Jeremiah and I raced from the top, while Kelley was racing down the hallway downstairs. She was rolling sideways and then somewhere in the middle began rolling head over heels. Needless to say, Anna made it to the bottom before any of us. She was fine, thankfully. She only cried for maybe 10-15 seconds. Kelley on the other hand was affected much longer. It didn't, however, make Anna any more afraid of the stairs. All during the service she kept saying, "I fall" in her own dialect. Later in the week when she was getting in trouble, she tried to change the subject by pointing out that she had fallen. After which, she was informed that her fall had nothing to do with why she was in trouble.

Lots more has gone on, but unfortunately, by the time I get around to posting anything, I cannot hardly remember. Maybe one of these days I will get better.

Please donate to a family or food bank during this difficult time in our economy. If God has provided enough for your needs, remember those who don't have enough.

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