Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Update on N. India

Please be in prayer for the saints in N. India. Following is two excerpts from information I have been forwarded about the work in N. India. Please note, excerpts are from Bro. Paul, therefore the grammar may be slightly difficult to understand.


By the Grace of God , I return my home from mission trip and many hard ships on 26th morning. Praise the Lord. God did great miracle in the mission trip. We faced some trouble. As you know I don’t know their language , they don’t know my language, I make all my lessons in English and I began prayer for translation. By the grace of God , God gave me a translator miracle from our place. Praise the Lord, when we reached the destination when we began to start class some village elders came and object us. They suspected me , we came to convert of the religion. We told them that we are not came to conversion of any religion. After several discussions we conducted secretly.

I visited a place called safdon. To reach this place I traveled tree days by train, By Taxi, By bus, by Three wheel auto and by walk. As per the village custom if anybody visit the village the whole village will spread this news within minutes that somebody new people visited someone.

In these areas there is more persecutions for the Christians. They will pray and worship secretly. Any have God did great miracles. God has given me a great opportunity to share the truths of The church of God with them. Totally 14 persons are attended for the classes. 7 people were accepted the 29 prominent teachings and take word covenant and I organize 7 Churches. Praise the Lord . Please say loudly Halleluiah , Halleluiah. God is able. Amen.

When I teach about agnist gold and ornments one pastors women cried and she took off all her ornments gave to church. Praise the Lord. Halleluiah. Praise the Lord. I believe God will do great miracles in near future. Amen

In the evening we conducted a gospel meeting in a room 18 people were attended and five people were accepted Jesus . Praise the Lord. We tried to give baptism but there is no facility to give baptism, because it should be done secretly. Kindly pray to have one movable use and pack plastic baptism tank. If we have that tank we can fix it in the room and after baptism we can pack it.

They are very much eager to listen the word of God and seven persons are attracted for the 29 Prominent teachings. God touched them. They asked me to stay some more days. I told them God willing I will come in the month of December. They really hunger for the word of God and truths. They are stand for the Church of God truths.

Please pray for the baptism and development and growth of the churches. There is a dire need to go there often to share the truths to encourage them in spiritual way. It is very expensive, I believe God will do great miracle to go there.

I was sick because our food and their food is different, not only that there is no proper sanitation and purified water facility. Please pray for me.

Once again I’m very thankful to you for your kind prayers and Love.


What wonderful news!

Here is the latest update that I received yesterday


Dear brother and Sister, As you know I went a mission trip and accepted 5 persons Lord and saviour Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour. To day I heard that three of them threatened and beaten by their families to leave Jesus and do not pray to Jesus. It is a terrible thing. I beg you to pray for them. God willing I would like to visit them once again and I need to encourage them in Jesus Christ way and spiritual way. I beg you to pray for these people and new mission fields. I never fear to go there. I am ready to go there and encourage them in spiritual way. Praise the Lord.

Philip 1:21 For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain

I Corinthians. For though I preach the gospel, I have nothing to glory of: for necessity is laid upon me; yea, woe is unto me, if I preach not the gospel!


Let us pray for these dear fellow Christians that the Lord will uphold them during this difficult time.

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