Saturday, December 06, 2008

We've GOT to have it.

Tonight, while I was at the mission, I noticed a man "walking" with great difficulty. I put walking in quotations, because it was not what anyone would normally call walking. He had crutches and it was a great struggle to move INCHES. That's right, I said inches. My heart welled with compassion. I really wanted that man to be healed. I wanted to just walk up to him and say "Be healed in the name of Jesus." Yet, I hesitated. Why? Because I didn't feel spiritual enough. I didn't feel like I had enough of "it" to be this bold.

The question is, are we ever really spiritual enough? Or, do we just need to step out in faith. My hesitation was not in the fact whether or not God could do what I would be asking Him to. But rather, was I being moved by His will that He was ready to do it right then, or was that just my human emotion overflowing with compassion. Lord help me to know!

Imagine the revival that would have taken place in MY heart, in that man's heart, and in the rest around, if he would have been healed tonight. I believe it would have been just like the lame man laying at the gate, that Peter and John, through the power of Christ, healed. He went shouting through the temple, giving praise to God. My desire is not that anyone would think that I healed him. I just want to see God's power demonstrated as He has time and time again in the past. I can, and you can, if we just simply be obedient to Him. Lord help us all.

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Vic said...

Bro Dupre tells of a true story of a person who died and a minister (pretty famous in our heritage) went up to the coffin and said in the name of Jesus rise...Nothing happened and many questions, wonderings and things said...He said at least I tried...I believe God's power hasn't changed in the least, but we have...Are we willing to step out in faith and be willing to fail or be ridiculed if God choses to say "No, not my will"...I too want nothing more than to be a vessel that he could get ALL the glory from!!!!!!!!!!!