Sunday, December 07, 2008

Are you just ironing the front?

Oftentimes, I am in a hurry while dressing in my "church" clothes. Somehow, I frequently need to iron my shirt as well. A lot of times, if I will be wearing a jacket, I will just iron the front of my shirt. I think, hey that's all anyone will be seeing anyway right? And if I have to take the jacket off, everybody knows that wearing a jacket will just wrinkle the shirt anyway.

It's fine to have that attitude when it comes to clothes, but I have to make sure that that attitude does not intrude into other parts of my life, especially the spiritual part. While it is fine to only worry about what people will see with clothing, worrying about only what people see with the spiritual is very dangerous indeed. Because it is not just what people see that matters, but what God sees. And He sees it all. Every little last piece of us.

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