Friday, May 15, 2009

It's a . . . . . .

Well, Kelley had an ultrasound yesterday and everything seems to be good with the baby. Thank the Lord. We found out that it does not appear to be triplets, or even twins for that matter, just one little one. We didn't really think that there were multiples, but you never know. But I guess the big news is that we found out it is supposed to be a

girl! I guess that gives me two little girls and hopefully at least two more to go to have my little group of girls like those at the end of "O Brother Where Art Thou" I always thought that those girls were cute walking along singing and said that I would love to have a group of girls like that as well. Truth be told I would be happy with whatever God sends our way though. Whether it be girl or boy. It looks like I am starting off like my grandpa with girls. He had to have four girls before he ended up with a boy, and then ended up with two girls afterward. I think Kelley is pretty settled on four total children being the final number though. But I guess for now that is just left up to God.

Thank the Lord for another day


Tammi said...

Congratulations! I love Anna's response to the reporter too! Good job mom and dad!!!!!

Montgomery's said...

Where was I when this post came out? Probably at my parents with no interent.

Congratulations on another girl! Suppose there may be a few Lydia's in the church now. I haven't heard the name Lydia belonging to anyone until last night at church, Tammy Hart named one of thier girls Lydia. I love the name you guys picked out. We have been pretty set on the name now for about 3 weeks, but playing around with the name for about 6 weeks now. Hope you guys are doing well.