Sunday, May 17, 2009


We have started going through the Prominent Teachings on Sunday evenings and tonight we were on Sanctification and Holiness. I preached about holiness and purity a few Sundays ago, so we didn't go too much into that as a subject on it's own, but mainly with it's connection to sanctification.

An analogy that seemed to become pretty clear is that when thinking of the shadows in the OT three things had to happen before a vessel was used in the temple.
1) It had to be made
2) It had to be purified
3) Then it could be filled.

In our spiritual walk we must go through the same steps if we want to be fully used.
1) We have to be born again
2) We have to be sanctified
3) Then we can be filled with the Holy Ghost

Sis. Tammy Washburn has another wonderful analogy here concerning sanctification. It also made me think about the fact that though Lazarus was alive, his hearing would have been muffled, the extent of his vision would have been to possibly be able to tell the difference between dark and light, and his speech would have been muffled, besides not being able to move around, until his grave clothes were removed. We are the same until we are sanctified, we cannot hear clearly, see clearly,speak clearly, or move adequately just being saved. We have got to go deeper!

Additionally, Sis. Washburn has another analogy concerning being saved, sanctified, and filled with the Holy Ghost here.

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