Monday, October 22, 2007

Full Week

Well, we have had a full, but good week. I had to work a lot of hours last week, including a little while Sat. but we were able to get in some family time. Friday was Kelley and I's 5 year anniversary. We are thankful to the Lord that He has enabled us to have a good marriage. It is something that takes a lot of work, as anyone who has lived with me could tell you. The church celebrated by giving us some cards and cake. We especially enjoyed the card that Sis. Jernigan made for us. She always sends/gives such wonderful cards. We really appreciate all of the time and love that she puts into them.
Saturday after I got off of work we went to a local orchard called "Apple Works". They have a very beautiful place there and we love going there. They have a small petting zoo, but Anna wasn't very interested in the animals. She was more interested in the people taking care of them. They also, among many of the food offerings there, have pumpkin cake donuts that we just love. We gave Anna some small pieces of on and her facial expressions were hilarious. She seemed to like them, but her face would scrunch up because she is not used to the spices.
Sunday Evening we were glad to have a visit from Bro. & Sis. Jernigan. After service, we had a fellowship with some of the above mentioned pumpkin donuts as well as some apple cider donuts, and apple cider. We had some good discussion during our BTI lesson before service.
Well I started this post on Monday and am just now finishing is up! Anna has learned how to operate her walker fairly well. She keeps running into Kelley in the kitchen and has also learned how to open cabinet doors! It seems as if that child learns something new every day.

May God bless you as you work for Him.


Vicki Smith said...

Oooooh, the pumpkin and apple cider donuts sound SO GOOD! I love all the fall foods. Well, not squash. I could do without squash.

Look out, world, here comes Anna!

Ryan said...

Well, Anna I think likes all the fall foods. Kelley says that squash is her favorite. I guess if you do without the squash Anna will take up the slack.