Sunday, October 28, 2007

Thank the Lord!

First I want to say, Thank you Lord, that when Kelley fell this morning at church she did not get hurt any worse than she did. She slipped on the frost on the ramp up to the door at church. At the time I was leaning into the car to get Anna, and heard something and then turned around to find her on the ground, not really moving. I left Anna in the car, and then ran over to Kelley. Shortly after I ran over there she began saying that she was going to pass out. Then she was gone. I don't know how long she was out, but I think it was at least a minute or two. Finally, she came back to, and I was able to carry her inside and set her down. I went back out and got Anna, and then we just kind of sat there for a few minutes. Kelley was still feeling weird and hurting, but eventually got to feeling better. Thankfully, she just scrapped her knee and elbow a little, with a few more aches I guess. How she got the scrap on her knee without ripping or running her hose I'll never know. Now she is just fine, just a few aches and pains.
Secondly, I thank the Lord for the good reports that I have heard concerning the work here in our region. One new area, in which we currently don't have a church, and new contacts where we are currently trying to operate a mission!

May you never give up the good fight of faith.


Vicki Smith said...

So sorry to hear of Sister Kelly's spill. Hope she's feeling all better. Thank the Lord she wasn't carrying Anna when it happened. Frost, huh? I haven't seen any frost in a LOOOOOOONG time. I'm heading to Colorado next week, so I'm sure I'll be seeing some there.

Jared said...

hey email me with the news!!! this is the first i've heard of the new contacts and stuff!! LOL.. being up here all alone makes for a lonley exsistance LOL