Monday, October 01, 2007


Well, we had a busy weekend.
Saturday, I went to Evansville. Had a good time with the Loyas. Even though I got off to a rough start. The first thing I did was lock my keys in the car! So, we spent about thirty minutes getting the doors unlocked. Everything went pretty good after that though. Right before I left we went and checked out a place to rent for services. We were able to get it at an agreeable rate. The man we will be renting from is a friendly, mostly baptist(as he described himself) older gentleman that definitely does not look his age. It is across town from where the Loyas currently live, but just a couple of miles away from where they used to live. We are planning to start having services there the next time I go down, towards the end of October. Please pray that they will be able to make it to the ministers' convention. They have not be able to make it out to any of our church events over the past year, and would really enjoy the fellowship and encouragement.
Sunday went pretty well also. I did find out that a member in Sturgis, KY passed away Sat. Please remember Bro. Leroy's family. He was almost always at all the conventions and retreats with his guitar and amp, always ready to play music. I know that he will be missed by a great many people.
We had dinner and fellowshipped with some old friends tonight. We stopped by Sat. and spent some time with part of the family. But all of the family was there tonight.
Please pray for our local church. I was wanting to have a VBS this year, but we were unable to due to time constraints before school started. However, I have recently gotten the idea to do a children's day on a saturday. I haven't gotten much worked out yet, but I believe that we could be a blessing to the children in our community.

May God bless you as you work for Him


Vicki Smith said...

Brother Ryan, I heard about a death in KY. We were in church in Mayfield this past Sunday. Did this gentleman play his guitar at your Regional Convention this past year? Does he have a wife that plays the piano and another lady that sings with her? Am I thinking of the right man?

Ryan said...

I believe that you are thinking of the right gentleman. I don't know if his wife played the piano or not but I do believe that he sang with the trio from Sturgis at the convention.