Friday, October 27, 2006

Another rainy day

This is the second rainy day in a row. So that means I haven't had to go to work. Does anyone else have the problem of having a free day with a lot to get done and seemingly getting very little done? Maybe it's just me. I do thank the Lord for the things I have been able to take care of. Also for getting to spend time with my brother and sister yesterday as they were out of school for fall break. We don't get to spend too much time together just by ourselves. So I was off and they were off so I went over to their house and spent time there. Then my brother wanted to come over here and play music. So we hopped into the cars and after two little errands came here and played music for a while. They are getting a lot better at playing the different instruments we have. It makes it nice, because then I can play the drums occassionally and not always have to play guitar or keyboard. Serena is doing good on keyboard and is picking up a good amount on guitar. The soon to be Uncle J is progressing on guitar and bass. And as always he is getting better on the drums. If my other sister was here we would have our own little family band. Well, time to get some more stuff done on my day off. I have to work tomorrow on a side job and go to a wedding reception later in the evening. So, keep working for Jesus.

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