Saturday, October 14, 2006

Great Day!

I thank the Lord for a great day in Newburgh, a town just outside of Evansville. There I met with the Loyas for a good time of fellowship as well as for a Sunday School class. I know, it was on a Saturday so technically it could be Saturday School. It was good to see them again as I have not seen them since the Assembly. At the Assembly I didn't get to spend very much time with them so it was nice to sit down and relax and fellowship with them. We had a wonderful class on "Walking in the Spirit." There was a lot of good discussion. I thank the Lord for starting out my morning with a little(to me a big) miracle. For several months now, the cruise control on our car has not worked. I don't get it looked at because it is not really a necessity. This morning as I started down the road, I thought to try it again. I prayed Lord please let this work. And it did! It worked the whole trip down and back. This is a huge blessing because it is a little bit over a three hour trip. That is a long time to have to have your foot on the pedal when you are sleepy. I would have probably ended up driving 50-55 down the interstate not noticing that I was going very fast, since I was sleepy.

Another new experience today was eating cow's tongue. Sister Loya fixed a brunch today for us before we had class. They were describing that what we were going to eat was like barbeque but different. So I ate part of a cow's tongue today. Can I just say that I love the Loya's! I could feel the love that they had, and I look forward to seeing them many more times in the future. Being there with them, I didn't even think about, that I can remember, the drive home. I was totally comfortable with them other than a slight language barrier occasionally.

Hope that God is blessing you.

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donaldestep2 said...

Sounds great, Brother. I used to occasionally attend Saturday school, though I'm sure it was a different sort of thing. heh heh.
We'll be praying that God will bless your efforts in Newburgh.
God bless...
Brother Donnie