Sunday, October 01, 2006

It has been almost a year since my last post. I don't know that there is anyone out there reading this, but anyway. I thank the Lord for the confirmation I have received from Him lately. He has and will help me to be faithful to Him even in the difficult times. I am trusting that He will give the strength that I need during this next month of ministrying as I look at my schedule and see that currently I am scheduled to preach at least three times a week and this week already have preached twice and will be preaching 2/3 more before the week is up. It is a good thing I don't have to preach during the midweek service as well, otherwise I would probably be overwhelmed. I think back to all the times in the past where I didn't preach for extended periods and think, "It is being made up for now". If anyone is reading this just pray that the Lord will help me do all the outreach and visiting for the church that I need to do as well this month. On top of my normal 40 hr/wk job I am in the middle of helping someone put on part of a new roof when I can, finishing out a good sized walk-in closet at home for my office, and in the middle of remodeling two bathrooms, one which is almost complete, for someone else. God is going to help me I am sure. Pray also that the Lord will help me with my spanish. If everything turns out as planned, I will be teaching Sunday School and preaching in spanish every other weekend on Saturdays.

God bless

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marshasblog said...

We're praying for you Bro. Ryan!! Sounds like you are staying busy!! I didn't know you spoke!! Tell Sis. Kelli hi for me...I hope everything is going good with the will only get more busy after the bundle of joy arrives..but it is well worth it..they are alot of fun!! Love ya'll and are praying for ya'll!!