Sunday, October 22, 2006

Win them to Christ, Disciple them into the Church

I have taken on what I guess would be a personal motto or theme for ministry. It is "Win them to Christ, then disciple them into the Church" or a relatively close paraphrase of such. I can't remember exactly when this came to me. But, it is becoming what I desire to be and do as a minister. So many people say that they want to win people to the Church. I agree that we want as many people in the Church as will come. Yet, our main task is to win people to Christ. If we look at the disciples throughout the book of Acts, I believe that we will see that their primary goal and aim was to tell people about Jesus. After they won them to Jesus, they taught them more doctrine and they naturally became a part of the Church. I believe that if the Church will work harder than ever to win souls to Jesus, we will not have to go around telling people that "We are The Church of God". People will know because we will be doing what the Church is supposed to be doing. If we are not working for and winning souls, then we are failing in our responsibility. Church, let us fail no more. Let us win more souls for Jesus this year than ever before. Once we win people to Jesus, then we disciple them in the "all things" message that Jesus instructed His disciples to teach. If we do not first win them to Him, we will never be able to disciple them into strong christian workers for Him. Dear Lord, help us to win sinners for you!

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