Friday, April 13, 2007

Random things

Well, since Kelley finally let her work know, I can let it out that she is quitting her job. Her last day will be the day before we leave for BTI. It is something that she has prayed about and struggled with for a while. We feel that this is what will be best for our family.
We got a new computer last week. My old laptop is about 6-7 years old and starting to show it. We did have a couple other computers here but they were Kelley's for work, so since she is quitting we won't have them here any more. So we got a new(to us) laptop. We decided to go the refurbished route as they were much, much cheaper than the brand new. We got one with a small screen that is very light(when detached from it's docking station).
Back before Anna arrived, and even afterwards, it seemed to me that we had an awful lot of bibs. Like more than we could ever use. I mean we literally have around 50 bibs. All until the past week. She has started spitting up quite frequently. Sometimes a little, some times a lot. So, I am starting to rethink the whole bib thing. Especially after being at some friends house the other night who have a baby about 5 months older than Anna.
Also, check out Bro. Smith, the overseer for the Northeast Region in the U.S. recently got their regional website up and running. You can see pictures of the local church buildings and read their regional paper, among other things.
Well, enough randomness for now. God bless.

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