Monday, April 30, 2007

Youth Convention

We had a great youth convention. The Holy Ghost came down in a wonderful way both days, and I believe that everyone there would say that they were blessed. There were 55 registered in attendance Friday night, and I know that many others came in Sat. so my best estimate is that we had between 70 and 80 total. It was wonderful to see everyone. But the best part was the moving of the Spirit. Sat. afternoon, we just had to let go of the schedule and do what the Lord wanted. Our theme was "The Call to Deliverance"(I hope I got that right) and deliverance was there in a mighty way. Friday night we were blessed by Sis. Sharon Griffin's message. Then Sat. morning Bro. Brian O'Dell preached an outstanding message. Following that Sat. afternoon, the Holy Ghost just moved among us in a mighty way. We are looking for great things to happen. Pray for us as we strive to reach our communities with the gospel of Christ. Also, pray for Kelley and I as we make preparations for BTI.

God bless

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