Sunday, June 17, 2007

3 new visitors!

This morning we were blessed with 3 visitors. A young lady and her two daughters who have recently moved back to the area. She happened to see one of our members in Walmart last night and said that she would definitely be at church in the morning, and she was! God was definitely directing things. She said that what was said this morning was what she needed to here, and she plans on being back regularly. We thank the Lord for what He is doing.
This Friday, my cousin that got saved last fall, will be released on house arrest for the next three months. She will be unable to come to church, but we will be able to visit with her much more easily. Pray for her that she can remain strong in her faith in the Lord during this time and that we will support her in every way we can.
Thirdly, we would like to be in our new location in about 3 weeks, before our regional convention. Unfortunately, I have had to work some over time lately that has hindered me working on the place. But, we are still looking forward to getting in there. It will give us at least two more Sunday School rooms, which it appears that we need the extra space now, and especially will within the next month. We had 12 this morning, but had about 6 out for various reasons.
May God bless you as you work for Him!!!


Chosen Generation said...

ok ok ok!!

Momma Tammi said...

So happy for your new visitors and the work there. Excited for you guys to get into the new place. Will be praying for God to help you accomplish all that needs to be done.

Vicki Smith said...

Exciting news! Praise the Lord!