Saturday, June 23, 2007

Sad day-Glad day

Sad day-
Today, one of the finest was laid to rest. For any who don't already know, Bro. Damon Broyle's funeral was today. He passed away this week, leaving his wife Kasey. We are thankful to know that he is on the other side in glory, not having to deal with the asthma that took his life anymore. While we are sad at his passing, we can rejoice knowing that this kind, loving soul has received his reward. Please keep his wife in your prayers.
Glad day-
God is continuing to bless us as we received another donation to our building fund in the mail today. While the money is helpful, the most encouraging thing about this is that God is working on the hearts of people who are not members to help out our church. It seems that God just continues to encourage and bless us. I can't wait for tomorrow to see what God has in store.

In other news, the young lady that got saved last fall, was not released from prison yesterday like she was supposed to be. Due to some technicalities, beyond her control, the judge decided not to release her. Please pray for her as she writes to the judge and tries to get things straightened out. She recently completed her 3rd BTI correspondence course and is awaiting her next one. One of our members visited her today and she is doing well, despite the disappointing news received this week.

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