Sunday, September 16, 2007


One thing that I believe is especially good in The Church of God is the equality that there is. One example is the Operation Banner of Love that I referred to in my last post. Another thing that made me think of this is a bookmark. How does a bookmark do that you ask? Well, our missionary leader got the mission ladies bookmarks at the assembly. They were bought from the mission table to raise money for missions. They were made, along with at least one other thing(a beautiful, I'm told, table cloth), by the ladies of the Church in North India and sent with their overseer to be sold at the mission table to raise money for missions. This made me make a correction in my mind. Generally, when I think of raising money for missions, I think of people in the US raising money and sending it abroad. But, that is not how things work in the Church. We all work together to accomplish the mission that Christ has given us, reaching the lost for Christ. So the question is, am I doing my equal part, are you doing your equal part? Lord help each of us to truly ascribe to equality and do our part to reach this world.

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