Saturday, September 15, 2007

Long Day!

We left about 7:00 a.m. and got back some time about 6:30 p.m. We did have a good visit with the Loya's though. It had been since back in March since Kelley had gotten to go with me to see them. They seem to be doing pretty well. I went down with the intent to search around for some different places we might be able to rent for services, and it turns out Bro. David knows some one who has built a small church that might work out perfectly for us. It is back in the Newburgh area, where they used to live before, on the other side of Evansville from them now, but we will see what the Lord will work out. Please pray that the Lord's will would be done as we are looking forward to doing more work in Evansville this year. We have another member of the church that has moved into the area as well. So we would like to get something going very strongly. I believe that having a place to meet other than a home would help out a lot. At least it seems to have here.
Anna has done very well this week and did especially good today while traveling. In addition to saying "momma" last Sunday evening during service, she is trying to start crawling. Yesterday, she finally figured out how to get her knees underneath her, so I figure it is just a matter of time before she really takes off. She already rolls and turns circles like crazy.
Hope you have a good service tomorrow morning!

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