Saturday, September 08, 2007

More Assembly Notes

During Bro. Smith's Annual Address, he gave the following information:
As of the last reports for the Church,

18,782 members - an increase of over 500+
1202 ministers- an increase of 235
567 Churches
45 countries
39 states in the US
Organized in 4 new countries this year.

I felt that this was a good report due to everything the church has been dealing with the past few years.

EVANGELISM- It seems that this was a major focus during the GA this year. I am glad to hear everyone focused on winning souls. It is what I have been trying to encourage the local church here to do consistently. During the past month and a half we have had 2 people that attend our church to get saved. Neither of them in one of our local services, but I can definitely see God moving. We had a wonderful Sunday School and Morning service the Sunday we left for the Assembly. I am looking forward to what God has for us tomorrow. I just received word that a young lady that we have not seen for a while is supposed to be at church tomorrow. She loves coming to church, but due to some situations beyond her control, is often unable to. Please pray that things will open up for her to be able to attend more often. Also, the young lady that got saved last fall, my cousin, will be getting out of jail soon. Pray that she will be able to stand strong against the attacks of the devil.

JESUS-This seemed to be one of the other main focuses of the assembly. I loved Bro. Byers message on the Corner. It is certainly true that everything that we need is in the Cornerstone-Jesus.

If things will work out soon, I will try to pull some highlights off of the DVD's from the assembly and put them up on Youtube.

God bless, and let's reap the harvest for Jesus.


The Middle J said...

It was so good seeing you and Sis. Kelly at the assembly... I wish Anna would have been happier oh well she is still an adorable little angel

Ryan said...

it was a long week for her. By the time you got there, she was starting to get tired of it already.

Vic said...

I feel like I didn't get to fellowship with anybody this year...I hope your church year is a great one...I am ready for a revival and harvest of souls...Time is short and I want to be found working on what Jesus came for...SOULS!!!

Tell Kelly and the baby hey for me...