Friday, December 14, 2007

Time Saver for Blogaholics

As you may or may not have noticed, you can subscribe to this blog by clicking on a link and it will send you an email with whatever has been posted. When I discovered this on another blog, I thought what a great idea. So, a few of the blogs that I read, I subscribed to, that way I didn't need to go and check the blog to find out if anything had been post. Saving a lot of time depending on how many blogs you read. My problem was, the vast majority of the blogs that I check, friends and church members, don't have any kind of subscription service. So, I was still wasting a lot of time checking up on everyone to see if they had posted.
Then I switched to the Google Reader. It does the same thing as the email subscription, except you can subscribe to some people's blogs who don't have a subscription set up. You just search for it with the Reader, and when you find it you can subscribe. Now, it doesn't work with everyone's blog, but seems to work with most. So, if you read a lot of blogs, you might give it a try. With a look at one page, you can find who on your list has posted anything new since the last time you read, and it even brings up the post for you. Just one way I have found to save time, while still keeping up with everyone.
For the record, Google Reader is not the only service that you can use to read feeds, but I don't know if the others will let you subscribe to people's blogs that don't specifically have a feed set up.

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